TheZMedia Inc., made by the people, for the people. We seek to educate the youth and the people around us about current events to ignite their passion. We stand against traditional educational norms and follow only our own path. This is the statement we want to make to break the stereotypical tropes. We seek to break the ways that are taught "by the book", to break what is usual and to forge a new path. 


Learn by doing 



We are determined to Give Back to the community. It is our belief that if  you do nothing for the world, the world will do nothing for you. Striving by that life style is something we want to teach with our methodology of education. Teach the methods to solve problems instead of teaching the answers to them.


TheZMedia was founded December, 2009 by Lily Zhou.

We seek to inspire the next generation of youth through competitions and various charity work. TheZMedia is an organization in mission to cultivate passion in the people of the world.

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