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The keyboard is shaped around you; not shaping you around the keyboard

     The purpose driving Samuel Liu on his creation is inspiration to help ease his mother's pain from typing at work. To this day he still works towards the goal of making typing healthier for the work force.

June 13th, Samuel Liu was able to secure the resources he needed to start the project. At Viasat, he was able to consult his mentors about his project in both software sides of the process as well as the hardware and electrical side. His components started small with the simple whim of basing the keyboard on the natural grip. So naturally, he borrowed some modeling clay from out 3d design teacher at Sage Creek and started figuring out the basic shape of the natural grip. Simply gripping the clay generated the base design that he would use for the future skeleton of his components. Take that model he created and then cut off the very extraneous corners and cracks and slice off proprietary parts that jut out awkwardly and the first clay model would be created. 


TheZMedia was founded December, 2009 by Lily Zhou.

We seek to inspire the next generation of youth through competitions and various charity work. TheZMedia is an organization in mission to cultivate passion in the people of the world.

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