Share Economy Social Responsibility Association (SESRA) is created to embrace the fast changing technology through self regulation to make & create a harmonious life for generations to come!

"He believes the company has the potential to be a driving for the middle class and says the reason home sharing has caught on with the consumer the way it has is that a series of larger socioeconomic trends have converged. It reinforces social contracts that have became frayed. It enables everyday people to be economically empowered. It brings people together. "At the end of the day, the reason why Airbnb is succeeding at the level that it is is not because of some magic potion or fairy dust that's been put on some algorithm," he told the U.S. Conference of  Mayors in 2016. "It is because we've built a platform that allows people to interact with people and have a transformative experience." (Chris Lehanne)   The Airbnb Story, Leigh Gallagher

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