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Student from Cornell university for summer intern at Bio companies in SD.

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Tencent China/USA has following positions: 


TEG-AI Lab-Senior Researcher-5-Seattle

SNG- Tencent Clould-Storage Hardware Engineer-1-Palo Alto

Compute Hardware Engineer-1-Palo Alto

Network Hardware Engineer-1-Palo Alto

MIG-Medical AI lab-ML/NLP/CV Scientist-1-Palo Alto

IEG- Business Development-Sr. Manager/ Director of Business Developmen-1-Palo Alto

Senior Market Research Analyst-1-Palo Alto

Director, Strategic Game Partnerships-1-Palo Alto

Sr. Executive Assistant-1-Palo Alto

IEG- Lightspeed-Client Engineer-3-Palo Alto/LA

Senior Designer-4-Palo Alto/LA

Art Producer-1-Palo Alto/LA

UI Artist-1-Palo Alto

Server Engineer-1-LA

IEG- N-GAME-Senior UA manager(FACEBOOK-1-Palo Alto

UA Manager-1-Palo Alto

Director, Creative Design-1-Palo Alto

Manager, Creative Design-1-Palo Alto

e-Sports Manager-1-Palo Alto

Sr. Influencer Marketing Manager-1-Palo Alto

Influencer Marketing Manager-1-Palo Alto

Sr. Data Scientist-1-Palo Alto

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