Congratulations to our 2nd Annual Global Culture Fashion award winner:

Shaly Guo

The GC Fashion Award was created to inspire young fashion designers around the world to share their culture through their entries.

It is supported by:

Global Innovation Center (GIC)(501c3) & theZmedia Inc. 

 Award Celebration 

August 19, 2018 at 6pm

Qualcomm Building Q

6455 Lusk Blvd, San Diego, CA 92121

Chaired by:

Miss Asian America Amy Chanthaphavong

& LinRan Yu 

Produced by Lily Zhou

Directed by:

Mary Ma & Dr. Leon Ku

Jacqueline Tong & Jenny Liang 

Technical & Sound by:

Q Luo & Faizan Masood


Lily Zhou, Amy Chanthaphavong & Cady Mariano

Semi-formal Evening Dress

2nd Annual Global Culture Fashion Award

Current and Past

Location: Mira Mesa Veterans Memorial Wall

8460 Mira Mesa Blvd, SD, CA 92126

Time: Sunday, 12:00-2:00 p.m.

Brought to you by:

CocreateXAlliance for Quality Education,  

Mira Mesa Senior CenterSilk Road Production

5minds46 Ways of Thinking,

Viet News TV San Diego,

theZmedia Inc., Global Innovation Center (GIC),

Anthony Vinh Tan Nguyen

Jackie Huang, CEE,

AmeriCal Youth Symphony,

WeChinese Youth Model Team, 

Stoner RobMc LyfeFlako ArtsReks

Fortunat Dietze (Emcee), Rong Jiang, 

 Gabe Cappelletti of Miguels Cocina in Coronado 

Navy Seals: Nicholas Bellenbaum, Dave Swarts 

Betty Wang (Chinese High School student)

 Tracy Wang (Chinese Middle School student)

Woodstock's Pizza SDSU

Majestic Succulents

Integrity Bottles

Kagen Water


1st Annual GC Fashion Award

Congratulations to:

Upolo Ndoko

Words from the Winner




Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.

My name is Agustina UPOLO NDOKO, my artistic name is Nana UPOLO, I am from Equatorial Guinea a country located in western Central Africa.

I would like to thank The Zsummit Media for allowing me to share with the world my work; Ms. Librada ELA, director of the magazine EWAISO and Organizer of the Malabo International Fashion Week for making my trip possible; and my family for their continuous support especially my sister and her husband for making my stay here possible (given that the companies and the department in charge of cultural affairs did not fulfill their promise to finance this trip); and to everyone else who have made it possible for me to be here today. From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much!



Here is the story of a young fashion designer (Nana UPOLO) with a degree in Business Administration Management. She was born into a humble family of separated parents, is a sister to four siblings and the mother of a girl (Tayra). These are her “pillar” to advance each day forward.

She has a dream of introducing her great passion – which is fashion – to her country from a personal, social, cultural and economic point of view.

- Personal: serve as a torch whose flame contains strength, hope, self-esteem, inspiration, motivation, love and above all faith; To guide other young people whose lives have been involved in alcohol, drugs, robbery, delinquency, marriages without love, unwanted pregnancies, for reasons such as lack of means, support, bad company, deceit, false promises or circumstances or people who feel the power to break other peoples’ dreams.

- Social: contribute to environmental protection, which is why I have designed a garment that represents maritime life by transmitting the importance of recycling in order to protect the life of living beings that inhabit it.

- Cultural. Raise awareness of the population and people who consider the wonderful world of fashion as a doll or hobby game. Help them understand that fashion is part of culture, therefore an identity, locate time in history through it can determine the way of life in a place, gastronomy, music, way of dressing, etc.)

- Economic. To become a sustainable pillar that contributes to economic development in Equatorial Guinean society, opening the way to a decent job, education, to prepare a future which inspires hope for future generations.



To win tonight would be to light the flame of my torch and help break through many obstacles.

I would invest part of the money in the schooling of my brother who is about to finish high school and prepare to enter the university to fulfill his dream of studying political science.

I would use the other part to buy sewing machines and design materials. Lack of these prevents me from obtaining certain jobs.

IF I DO NOT WIN, I will not lose my strength, I will continue working until I reach all my goals.

It is not easy to achieve success but to work hard and applying the formula that has made it possible to create this dress.

1% inspiration + 99% perspiration / faith = success


Thank you.

The Global Young Architects Contest

The Global Young Architects Contest is created by Puer China Regional Government, theZmedia Inc., and Puer Artists Village Inc. to provide an excellent opportunity for young architectural students from universities around the world to showcase their talent by designing a master plan for the Artists’ Village of 1,318 acres land around beautiful Xima Lake in Puer, China. As Chinese President Xi addressed at the World Economic Forum in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland recently, “It is important to protect the natural environment while pursuing economic and social progress to achieve the harmony between men and nature, men and society.”

The top master plan design will be selected by a renown architect firm of United State for the grand prize. The winner will not only receive a cash award of $2,500 but also be invited to travel to Puer and working with a renown architect firm to finalize the master plan design.

Unlike other conferences, theZsummit is distinctive for its personal impact: 


Meet inspiring speakers who have transformed their businesses with their ability to think outside the box and use strategic leadership.


Learn how to market your products to new audiences. In particular, attendees will discover how to network with buyers from China and its mass market of 300 million qualified consumers. **


** China is switching from an export economy to an import economy. China's President Xi Jingping announced at the World Economic Forum in January that he is committed to spending $8 Trillion in foreign imports to China over the next 10 years:



There is something for all women leaders at theZsummit. The conference provides both high level discussions and in-depth topics about women in the businesses world today. 


Topics include:  

Women Leadership in business world; Health, Beauty and Wellness; How to grow and expand your import/export businesses;  Future Social & Digital marketing, creativity & innovation; and How to Use Your Vision to Attract, Engage, and Retain Talent. 


theZsummit is endorsed by the Mayor of San Diego, Congressman Scott Peters, and County Supervisor Dianne​ Jacob.


Early Bird Special: Purchase your tickets now, and receive an invitation to join us on Monday, August 14 when Congressman Scott Peters will meet our attendees in his office. 


The Z summit

The Zsummit is about inspiring international women entrepreneurs to expand their personal and economic horizons. 


TheZMedia was founded December, 2009 by Lily Zhou.

We seek to inspire the next generation of youth through competitions and various charity work. TheZMedia is an organization in mission to cultivate passion in the people of the world.

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